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Related article: Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 17:41:39 -0000 From: Alex McNab Subject: AFTER THE MATCH by Alex McNabAFTER THE MATCHIt was such a good afternoon. We were playing against Chichester House in a house match and we had the use of the first XV pitch. It was my first time as captain of anything and even though it was a junior house match, it just made me feel so proud.The afternoon passed so quickly. I don't think I made any decisions as captain, but my team were superb as we put try after try on the board. I was in the powerhouse, a 2nd row forward, but the star of the team was Tony Parsons who played behind me at No 8He was in the year younger than I but whereas our Under 16 Colts were losing each match, his Under 15 colts won all those. Now for the first time I was playing in a team, which benefitted from being a mixed age group one.Other of the team was good, but Parsons that afternoon was a revelation as he gathered the ball from the loose and made headway bringing us ordinary mortals with him. I don't know for sure but I felt my own standard of play had gone up by 20% just associating with him.He was a year younger but oh such a dominating personality. It wasn't harmed by his good looks. I don't know why but he reminded me of Jason and the Golden Fleece. He has curly golden locks, just long enough to come over his brow. His complexion was gold as well, with two of the bluest of eyes.He was nicely tall. I suppose at 15 he was 5ft 10 or so, but no fat on him. Me, I was dark, the same height but always feeling awkward, ungainly and rather a square peg in a round hole. I was uncoordinated and though a very willing trier, I was just not a natural enough sportsman to impress in a school where sport was king. I was Captain because I was the oldest in the side and not because I was the best.However when the final whistle blew, with us the winners by 30 pts to 3, I was very proud to be the one leading on the "Three cheers". I congratulated everyone particularly Tony Parsons, and he threw his arms round me and announced that it was my shove that had won the game. I don't think I had contributed anything but brute force and enthusiasm.We trooped off the pitch and down to the boarding house where we changed. Some of the guys went straight in to have a shower, but four of us sat round talking and reliving the finer moments Shylolita Toplist of the gameWe made gestures to taking off our dirty clothes, a shirt off here, a sock off there but as we sat in our Jock straps reliving the moment of Parsons run through for a try, or Ramsdale's Dummy to beat their fly half, nothing mattered except the happiness of the moment.At length it was time for us to have baths. As the hot water was to in great supply it was normal for us to have two in a bath and Tony Parsons and I got in one while Phil Ramsdale and Peter Pett got in the other.The baths were next to each other and in the warmth of the water we continued our laughing and joking and memories. Soon the clean water was turning brown and becoming more and more like ox-tail soup as the mud transferred from our knees.Slowly the euphoria settled down and we relaxed in now silent contemplation of a job well done. I looked at Tony at the other end of the bath. His face was actually beautiful if a little flushed with the heat of the bath. The deep water came up his stomach to just below the level of his nipples.I was thinking the unthinkable, and becoming glad that the brown water hid my manhood, which was feeling incredibly hard.Tony was smiling at me but now apart from smiling he started to stare. Suddenly I realised that I could feel something rubbing the base of my dick. My eyes must have opened wide because he giggled. It was his big toe.This could not go unanswered and my toe soon found Tony's soft parts, except that one part was definitely not soft.Nothing was said as with our toes we masturbated our partner, slowly and divinely.The other two had got out of their bath leaving just us two there, suddenly Tony said "If we continue this much longer it will be too late, lets go somewhere else."I said nothing I was just too gobsmacked at what was going on. Suddenly Tony got up out of the bath. His beautiful cock was standing proud about 5 inches. It was circumcised with a poetic symmetry, which could have been reproduced by Leonardo da Vinci."Come on" He whispered. I got out of the bath too and grabbed my towel to cover myself. Tony was happy to let others see him "Follow me!"He grabbed his dark blue tracksuit and put it on and put on some gym shoes. I did the same and followed him back out on Shylolita Toplist to the playing field. "Where are we going?" I asked. He grabbed me and said, "I am feeling drunk with happiness and I am going to have a good time" At that he kissed me on my lips gently but all to quickly.He started skipping along the path, which bordered the rugby pitches. Eventually we came to the cricket scoreboard. It was alone and empty and normally it was locked during the winter. However, Tony knew where the key was hidden.We went inside. Now Tony took me by the waist and this time kissed my lips with a gentle deliberate passion. When his tongue invaded my mouth, it was the first time that anyone had done that but it felt so good.I held on to him and allowed my tongue to learn the delicousness of dancing with another, swapping saliva. It was all so wonderful that in some ways I could not distinguish what Shylolita Toplist was happening to me in this heavenI felt Tony put his hands down my trousers and feel my balls. I followed suit and pulled his trousers down so that I could feel his cheeks."Step out of your trousers" Tony whispered and I did as I was bade. Now for the first time I felt the glory of the feel of another person's hard manhood rubbing up on my own.I now went into autopilot. I was not longer responsible for my actions, driven by this new passion for another body. I remember kissing down Tony's neck and licking his nipples I can remember him massaging my head and pushing it lower and lower until I came face to face with his cock.I blush as I think now of the urgency of how I grabbed it and licked it and tongued up and down. I forget everything else except the feeling of him plunging himself deeply into my mouth and then almost out again, then deep once more.I remember his withdrawing from me and then him lifting me as he made to swap places. He kissed gently my knob, and licked round the tip and then took it into his mouth to suck and lick.The feeling was unbearable but totally encompassing. I was in an utter swoon as he plied my dick with his mouth whilst his finger made forays round the other side.I remember the realisation at the back of the mind that if this was what being queer was about, and then I must be queer. Now I raised Tony because I knew that I wanted to kiss him again for our tongue to dance inexorably with each other and to feel him rub against me as I rubbed back against him. Our bodies gyrated together and we were like one body, snake like as we swayed in and out to our bodies calling, then suddenly I heard Tony start to moan, gentle moans, and I swallowed the moans in my mouth as suddenly I felt the hot sticky liquid come onto my body as he came. With that encouragement I too gasped out loud as I spurted against him, once twice, three times I don't know 6 times.O the feeling of elation was just incredible. "I think I need another shower," he said. He pulled up his tracksuit trousers and put on his top. "I'll go first then no one will suspect anything" Give me a minute or two.He stepped out of the hut. I counted to 100 and then followed. I didn't have a shower, but let his cum remain on my body, perhaps I could reactivate it that evening when I was in bed and wanted to wank.The strange thing is that we never repeated that occasion. You see he was a year younger than me and in Public schools in Britain, you mixed with the people in your year.I have no idea whether he did any other gay act at school. Me, I certainly did, but that is for another time.
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